Slidify makes it easy to publish your slide decks online.

Github Pages

Publishing to Github is as easy as running publish from inside the slide directory. You need to have git installed on your system, create an empty github repo and ssh access set up for github.

publish(user = "USER", repo = "REPO")


You can publish your slide deck using the Public folders feature of Dropbox. Run the following from inside your slide directory, where dirname is the name of the directory you want to create in your ~/Dropbox/Public folder to host your presentation.

publish(dirname, host = "dropbox")

Copy the public link to index.html and share your presentation with the rest of the world! Note that you may need to remove the http:// part of the URL for externally hosted stylesheets and javascripts to work correctly. Your public link should look like what is shown below.{{}}/{{dirname}}/


publish(title = 'mytitle', 'index.html', host = 'rpubs')